HACCI Mentoring Program

In March 2015, the HACCI Young Professionals Network Mentoring Program was launched. The program focuses on linking young Hellenic Australian professionals with experienced mentors in their chosen fields.

The program aims to give young professionals the opportunity to nominate a potential mentor and be given the experience of meeting with them to learn and build relationships which will continue to benefit them throughout their careers.

The Mentoring Program provides mentors an opportunity to make a significant difference to young professionals seeking guidance and to gain insights from the knowledge and experience of mentors who have been successful in their careers.


To take part in the HACCI Mentoring Program, please complete the relevant form for Mentees or Mentors

(form is to be interactive, capturing name, address, telephone number, email information and the details of the industry and to be sent to info@hacci.com.au

The HACCI Mentoring Program runs for six months between February and September of each calendar year and is open to all HACCI Young Professional Network (HYPN) members.

A HYPN annual membership is $80.00 and also provides access to other HACCI events at a special HYPN rate during the year. The application form for HYPN membership can be found here.