At Health Science Planning Consultants (HSPC) we, as health specialist design architects are leaders in all facets of health care design. As leaders we look to foster young talented architects with a passion for healthcare design. We embraced the HACCI internship program as it aligns with our corporate and personnel desires to foster young talented emerging professionals. We benefit from this process by positioning ourselves to give back to the Greek Community of Victoria through recognition, as well as contributing to the professional development of a young person in the Greek Australian community.

HACCI’s Internship Program was instrumental in enabling HSPC to offer a position to Katie Petros, a young Greek student undertaking her Masters in Architecture. As a result an internship and mentor program commenced in March 2014 and concluded in May 2014.

The key parameters, within our organisation, for setting up a successful internship for Katie, was to create a framework that enabled a dialogue of information sharing and learning objectives; daily responsibilities, involvement in short and long term projects, supervisor assignments, evaluation procedures, learning our methodologies, and orientation and off boarding processes.

During Katie’s time with our practice, she extended herself through collaboration with other disciplines of design, and in particular her hands-on approach and her natural talent for freehand expression. We wish Katie all the best for her bright future in our industry and recommend participation in the HACCI Internship Program to any organisation seeking to encourage and mentor emerging talent in our community.

 – Chris Georgiou, Senior Associate – Health Science Planning Consultants

Melbourne’ Greek community has come a long way over the past 40 years in building the necessary social capital and infrastructure which have resulted in increased life opportunities for Greek Australians and helped reduce barriers to economic participation, promoted social inclusion and cohesion, and contributed to Australia’s multicultural society.

It is really gratifying and commendable that HACCI with its Internship and other programs is adding another dimension to the sophistication and evolution of our community. The Internship Program is enabling many new young graduates of Greek-speaking background to harness potential employment opportunities and experiences that may otherwise not be available to them.

Like all Australians attempting to secure stable, appropriately remunerated employment, new graduates are confronting a domestic employment landscape that is markedly different from previous generations. Nowadays, new graduates need access to programs such as HACCI’s Internship to enable them to build on the knowledge and skills acquired during their formative years and University studies as a means of strengthening resilience, expanding connections, and enhancing their human capital.

Over the past five months I had the opportunity to mentor Anatoli Amanatidis, a bright new graduate, introduced to the Australian Greek Welfare Society (AGWS) by HACCI’s Internship program. Anatoli has eloquently articulated the personal benefits of the Internship in her testimonial inserted in the HACCI website. Equally as important, however, was the significant contribution she has made to our Organisation and the fact that beyond the three months Internship she is continuing in a paid capacity with us, albeit for a limited period, but nevertheless a necessary step towards achieving her long term goal of working in policy and research.

The Australian Greek Welfare Society encourages new graduates to consider and accept any internship opportunities offered by the HACCI Internship program. It is a highly viable conduit to experience different work settings likely to lead to a satisfying and successful employment career.

– Dr Kostas Tsingas – Australian Greek Welfare Society

HACCI’s dedication and support in making this internship opportunity possible has been amazing.

As an architecture intern with Health Science Planning Consultants (HSPC) / Peddle Thorp, I instantly became part of the team, working alongside directors, senior associates, health planners, graduate architects, technicians and clients.

I have been involved with so many projects through a series of stages; from documenting, post-processing sketch/town planning sets, 3D modelling, marketing plans, client material boards, liaising with architectural representatives, administration responsibilities, forming a master plan submission, to generating design concepts for potential future developments and much more!

It has truly been an invaluable first time experience in a large inner-city practice and has taught me much more practical knowledge than my masters degree could provide.

The technical skill-set, experience, confidence and inspiration I have gained will remain with me for the rest of my professional career.

Thank you to Fotini Kypraios and the HACCI team, as well as my mentor Chris Georgiou (HSPC)- I am eternally grateful and highly commend you for providing this life-changing initiative to Greek Australian youth.

 – Katie Petros – HACCI intern, HSPC 

“I was given the opportunity to intern as an Assistant Policy Officer with the Australian Greek Welfare Society (AGWS). It was a truly invaluable experience where I learnt an incredible amount about my study and interest in political sciences and how it is applied in practice through various policy projects surrounding issues such as ageing well in the Greek community and capacity building for new arrivals from Greece. My supervisor, Dr. Constantine Tsingas, provided me with a wealth of information through his many years of experience in the industry, for which I am extremely grateful. The HACCI Internship Program has given me the chance to experience the working world and the vibrancy of the Greek community.

I would like to thank Fotini Kypraios and the team at HACCI and AGWS for their efforts in making my internship a reality. I highly recommend any young Greek to take up the initiative and jump on board.

– Natalie Amanatidis – HACCI Intern, Australian Greek Welfare Society

Through HACCI, I was very fortunate to have been presented the opportunity to spend some time with Justice Kyrou at the Supreme Court of Victoria. Having the opportunity to speak candidly with Justice Kyrou about working in the law was an invaluable experience. It is clear that His Honour is interested in seeing young lawyers succeed and kindly took the time to discuss the issues that I raised about various topics.

Sitting in on a matter at the Court of Appeal and having a tour of the Supreme Court buildings personally escorted by Justice Kyrou was a rare privilege.

Being able to develop a rapport with His Honour and his associates was especially valuable. I’d like to express my gratitude to those at HACCI and the Supreme Court that facilitated this fantastic opportunity.

 – Constantine Mimigiannis, HACCI Intern – Supreme Court of Victoria

I was lucky enough to spend a day being personally mentored through a case by Supreme Court judge, Emilios Kyrou, on Tuesday the 18th of March 2014, through the HACCI Internship Program.

I would like to thank everyone involved for making this day a reality and ensuring I got the most out of my experience. It was the most incredible and rewarding day I’ve had as a law student so far! I now feel like I have an upper hand as a student, having done something that very few people have had the pleasure to do, and this will continue to motivate me and inspire me to strive for success!

– Teni Sarris, HACCI Intern – Supreme Court of Victoria

HACCI’s commitment to providing employment opportunities and professional networks for the Greek-Australian youth is truly commendable. With such a competitive job market the organisation’s internship program is invaluable to university students seeking work experience.

I would like to thank Fotini Kypraios and the HACCI internship team for facilitating an interview for me at a prestigious legal firm. Their assistance  helped me to secure a legal clerkship at a fantastic firm. I gained valuable skills and experience that will remain with me for the rest of my professional career.

I highly recommend the HACCI internship program to any student wishing to gain a head start in their career.

– Evyenia Vagias, HACCI Intern – Cornwall Stodart Lawyers.

I was recently given the opportunity to shadow the Honourable Justice Kyrou. As a HACCI intern I was privy to a backstage look at the workings of the court as well as a personal tour by his Honour.  I was also able to sit in on a civil matter which was later discussed with his Honour in his chambers.

By far the most rewarding part of my experience was having the pleasure of being able to speak candidly with his Honour on a range of issues. I found Justice Kyrou to be most accommodating and more than happy to discuss matters ranging from the present case and the workings of the court to his own experiences.

To be able to gain the perspective of a man who has achieved so much from such humble beginnings was inspiring and has reinforced my commitment to the legal profession. His Honour is an inspiration to the Greek community and through the dedication and commitment he has displayed has served to shatter the notion of any perceived glass ceiling for those of migrant backgrounds in the legal profession.

I am very grateful to HACCI for presenting me with this invaluable experience and give my most sincere recommendation to other young budding lawyers to take up this opportunity.

– James Yianoulatos, HACCI Intern – Supreme Court of Victoria 

I am truly appreciative of the HACCI internship program for the rare and invaluable opportunity to be mentored by the Honourable Justice Kyrou of the Supreme Court of Victoria. I gained valuable insights into our judicial system and a behind the scenes experience of the daily life of a Supreme Court Justice.

I particularly enjoyed my tour of the Supreme Court, old High Court and Court of Appeal personally by His Honour, as well as the chance to sit in on a Criminal Plea matter and discuss the matter back in His Honour’s Chambers.  It was an honour conversing with and getting to know Justice Kyrou, a commendable and inspiring member of both the Greek and legal communities.

I feel privileged and inspired by this remarkable experience, which has strengthened and encouraged my commitment to the legal profession.

– Evyenia Vagias, Intern Placed with Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria, His Honour Emilios Kyrou

The Hellenic Chamber of Commerce & Industry prides itself on initiatives that link business with community. I can think of no better example than the HACCI Internship Program, where young people get the opportunity to be immersed in a field of their study or interest.

The process was simple and flexible, and the intern that HACCI provided was helpful and eager to learn. I would recommend the HACCI Internship Program for any host organisation. The experience will not only make a difference in your workplace, but it will make a difference in the lives of young people.

– Daniel Andrews, Victorian Opposition Leader

The HACCI internship program has given me the rare opportunity to tailor an internship that suits my professional as well as personal interest. As a student of Political Science, being placed in the State Parliament of Victoria in the Office of Leader of the Opposition has been an exciting and invaluable experience that I am incredibly grateful for. I have been exposed to an environment; I would otherwise have not been if it weren’t for the HACCI Internship Program.

When life presents an opportunity you grab it by the horns and take advantage while it is there. The Internship Program has provided amazing opportunities to many other Hellenic Australian students, and continues to do so. I would recommend all students to have a crack.

– Sam Sofos, Intern, Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews

The HACCI Internship Program was a fantastic experience to be a part of. In working for the MP for Albert Park, Martin Foley, I gained an invaluable insight into a profession, which perfectly compliments my studies in politics.

From this opportunity, I have met many interesting people and got a taste for the life of a politician. I have developed an understanding for the way politicians must constantly market themselves to the public in order to get re-elected, the political duties they undertake when in office and how they develop policy ideas for implementation when in government.

The HACCI Internship Program is a great opportunity for Hellenic youth to get a foot in the door by taking advantage of professional connections throughout the community. This allows the youth to gain priceless experience and in so doing, develop greater potential for future career prospects, just as I have gained. Moreover, extending this opportunity provides for a generation with even more potential to achieve greatness across all areas.

– Cassandra Siarabalos, Intern, Martin Foley MP

As a university student the most concerning thing to me, was the transition from just being a student into a position where I could gain experience in the field that I’m passionate about. The HACCI internship program was that “helping hand” that guided me to Merkon, giving me a great introduction to my career, making that transition a lot easier than first thought.

I would like to thank HACCI for making all this happen and to Merkon Constructions taking me on board. The internship program is a great initiative by HACCI, and I praise all parties involved for their efforts in looking out for the next generation.

– Evan Galanis, Intern,  Merkon Constructions

HACCI was the perfect facilitator in helping me to achieve my goal of gaining experience in the field I am studying. Fashion is a competitive industry and the opportunity to do an internship at Bardot is invaluable and puts me in good stead when I graduate. I am very grateful to HACCI and in particular to Fotini Kypraios. She was helpful, friendly and did a great job of keeping me in the loop and getting my foot in the door at Bardot.

This program has given me the confidence to put myself out there professionally and helped me to recognise my own strengths and how I can contribute positively to the work force.

– Stephanie Blatsis, Design Assistant, Bardot

We commend HACCI on creating an excellent internship program and look forward to participating in this program again in the future.

– Basil Artemides, CEO Bardot

The Hellenic Museum hosted one intern through the HACCI Internship Program and that was such a positive experience that we are now offering further positions for young Hellenes to help us with a number of major projects that are scheduled to run from late November 2012. This is a great initiative by HACCI which enables organizations to offer valuable opportunities to Hellenic youth and also enrich their own professional experience by working with emerging talent within our community.

We would like to congratulate HACCI on this initiative and for the quality of the interns proposed, and would encourage anyone to participate in this programme.

– John Tatoulis, CEO Hellenic Museum

It was a pleasure both personally and professionally to be a part of the HACCI Internship Program. To inspire and mentor youth and future generations is very satisfying.

The program is very well organised and run by a professional team and the participants are well mannered, enthusiastic and an asset to any business. I highly recommend the experience to all.

– Steve Agi, Editor OPA Magazine

I certainly learnt a whole lot, doing many different and enjoyable things. I enjoyed editing OPA! Magazine content the most, and found giving my opinion to my co-workers about their projects was very rewarding. Working in a media company has opened my eyes to the possibilities my future holds, and it definitely puts many aspects of this creative industry into perspective. I have a much greater understanding of how things work, and what sort of processes exist in order to reach a final product; how simple ideas can develop and turn into reality!

Studying Law and Media at university and working at Mediacode has definitely created a great basis of understanding for my studies, and has allowed me to apply all that I have learnt in a broader social and legal context. I’d like to thank Steve Agi for this opportunity, and warmly thank HACCI for making this a reality!

– Teni Sarris, Intern Mediacode / OPA Magazine 

I would like to thank HACCI for giving me an opportunity that will be the first real step in my career. The internship program has opened doors for me that I would not be able to access in such a highly competitive course. As a result of the program, I have been able to develop valuable skills and experience that will give me a solid foundation for professional life. I commend HACCI on their efforts in one of the most valuable contributions to Greek-Australian youth.

– Phillip Vassiliadis, Internshipwith Moray & Agnew Lawyers

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a day with Justice Kyrou at the Supreme Court of Victoria.  I found it to be an excellent experience  of the workings of the Supreme Court and an invaluable opportunity to interact with his Honour in a candid and personable way.

It was an absolute honour and privilege to have been given this opportunity and I am indebted to Justice Kyrou and the HACCI Internship Program.

It has definitely confirmed my drive to be involved  in the legal profession and I would highly recommend the experience to any other law students.

– Alexander Xynas, Internship with Justice Kyrou, Supreme Court of Victoria