Info for Interns

Expand your horizons – boost your career!

This could be the opportunity that you have been waiting for!

What are the benefits of a HACCI Internship for you?

  • It’s FREE!
    There is no cost to the candidate. The HACCI Internship Program operates via the contribution and investment of time made by HACCI and its host organisations.
  • Training & Experience.
    You will receive practical on the job training, learn new skills, work practices and gain valuable industry work experience.
  • Mentorship.
    Receive personal mentoring from an experienced HACCI supervisor as well as the host-organisation throughout the term of the internship.
  • Possible expansion of employment opportunities.
    Some internships may offer the opportunity of continued employment or credit for future study (this is not guaranteed).
  • Relationships and networks.
    Develop new friendships & professional networks.

If you are interested in becoming a HACCI Intern, contact HACCI via email or phone +61 3 9602 2977 for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to apply?
There is no cost to apply for an internship. The HACCI Internship Program operates via the contribution of time made by its volunteers and the financial contribution made by its members.

Do I need to have qualifications or relevant experience to apply?
Each internship is unique and will specify the minimum requirements required to apply. Some internships require no qualifications or experience, and some have quite specific requirements. One thing is for sure…..passion is a prerequisite!

Are the internships paid positions?
Each host-organisation has different remuneration policies. Some internships are paid positions and others are not. All offer the opportunity for a candidate to be professionally trained and mentored.

How long does the process take once I have applied for an Internship?
Once you have submitted your interest and sent HACCI your CV, HACCI will be in touch with you to arrange a meeting with you to find out more about your current situation, the role you are looking for and industry of interest. Once you are accepted as a potential candidate, internship placements will depend on the availability of positions in the industry of interest.

Can I apply for more than one internship?
Yes, you can apply for as many as you like!

Once I apply, do I automatically become a member of HACCI?
Applying for an internship is a separate process from applying for a HACCI membership. Becoming a member of HACCI can have many benefits. To learn more about HACCI memberships, please refer to the memberships section of this website.

Is it necessary to attach a current CV with the application?
HACCI will require a current CV from you to assess your application and potentially forward to appropriate host organisations.

What does “receive personal mentorship from an experienced HACCI supervisor” actually mean?
If you are selected for an internship, you will be introduced to a person from HACCI that will be available to support you and assist you through the internship process. Your HACCI supervisor will be in regular contact with you during the internship process.

Once I complete my internship, do I receive a reference?
Once you successfully complete your internship, you may request a reference from your host organisation and list your experience in your CV.

If I have any further questions, who do I contact?
Please send your enquiry and CV to or call the HACCI office on +61 3 9602 2977 if you are interested in applying for an internship.