Additional Information

Please note the following important information:

Introduction. The HACCI Internship Program aims to facilitate the introduction of applicants to organisations only. HACCI in no way guarantees that any particular application will be successful. Each applicant, if selected by HACCI, will be taken through the host organisation’s own internal recruitment and selection processes. Selection by HACCI for introduction to an organisation is not a guarantee that the organisation will offer an internship placement to the applicant.

Opportunity. Although some internships may offer the opportunity of continued employment or credit for future study, HACCI does not make any representations or promises that any internship will lead to such opportunities.

Commitment. The applicant may be required to agree to obligations of confidentiality, particular hours of work, standards of professional conduct and attire when accepted by a host-organisation. The applicant will be accountable to the host-organisation if it breaches any of these obligations.

Visa Status. It is essential that we check candidates’ entitlement to work in Australia during the recruitment process, in accordance with the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs guidelines.

Referees. Before an offer of appointment is made, at least two reference checks will be made. Please make sure that referees are included in the attached CV.

Fairness. All appointments are based on merit and equity.

Confidentiality. The information on this form will be treated as strictly confidential and will only be used in connection with the prospective internship process. No approach will be made to a candidate’s current employer without the candidate’s permission.


All applications must be made through HACCI. Please do not send applications directly to the host organizations.

The HACCI Internship Program is not suitable for applicants looking for permanent employment.

Applicants must be Australian permanent residents or citizens residing in Australia at the time any application is made.