Visit Melbourne

Melbourne has the world’s third-largest Greek-speaking population, a fact that won’t seem so surprising when you visit the area around Lonsdale Street between Swanston and Russell streets.

Mediterranean Melbourne
At all hours of the day and night, Melbourne’s Greek precinct is a treasure trove of mouth-watering Grecian delights waiting to be discovered, such as at Stalactites, the all night local favourite as well as traditional Greek restaurants Tsindos Taverna and Dion Restaurant. From chargrilled meats to sumptuous seafood, you’ll find enough authentic Greek food to satisfy any Greek-loving gourmand. Coffee addicts will also find a good traditional brew, but brace yourself as this authentic beverage is strong and should be enjoyed with a fresh glass of water. Be sure to drop into International Diethnes Cake Shop offering baklava, nougat, halva, loukoumia and the most delicious bougatses.

Just down the road from the Greek precinct in Flinders Street, is one Melbourne’s best restaurants, by Greek celebrity Chef George Calombaris – Gazi. Other favourites just outside of the Melbourne CBD include the Hellenic Republic, Philhellene, Alpha Ouzeri, Jim’s Tavern, Kri Kri, and Spitiko to name a few.

Celebrating Greek Culture
In March each year the award-winning Greek Antipodes Festival takes over Lonsdale Street and is one of the world’s largest celebrations of Greek culture outside Greece, featuring art and craft, food stalls, dancing, music, street theatre, kids’ activities and visiting Greek artists.
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