HACCI Treasurer

Peter Zervos

Peter Zervos is a very valued member of the HACCI Board and has been entrusted with the important role of HACCI Treasurer.

Peter’s addition to the HACCI team has won him the immediate respect of the Board and his meticulous approach brings a level of professionalism to the organisation that will be needed as HACCI expands its presence.

As a Partner of Moore Stephens, Peter specialises in business and taxation advice, financial reporting and analysis. He also has extensive experience in transactions relating to sale and managing acquisitions of medium and large enterprises.

Peter’s commitment to doing things the right way and his desire to contribute to an organisation that has the ability to showcase what a professionally run Hellenic organisation can achieve is one of his motivations for becoming involved with HACCI.

Feel free to contact Peter with any of your enquiries on treasurer@hacci.com.au.