Info for Host Organizations

Time for fresh thinking!

The HACCI Internship Program offers you the opportunity to bring a young person into your organisation for a set period of time. The program is facilitated by HACCI and operates as a link between quality organisations in all industries and people aged primarily between 18-25.

Internships will be specifically tailored to meet the needs of the potential host-organisations so the term of the internship, the working hours, the training syllabus, the remuneration and other details may vary from one internship position to another.

Host-organisations can be small or large businesses from all industries, professional people, not-for-profit organisations or any organisation that may benefit from this program.

What are the benefits for you?

It’s FREE!
There is no cost to the host-organisation. The HACCI Internship Program operates via the contribution of time made by its volunteers and the financial contribution made by its members.

Finding talented people.
The HIP will assist in identifying talented young people as potential employees at the commencement of their careers.

Simplifies the recruitment process.
All internship candidates will be interviewed and selected from the criteria provided to HACCI by the host-organisation. The candidates that will be presented to the host-organisation will be selected by our experienced panel.

The internship will be totally flexible in all facets and will be tailored to suit the needs of the host-organisation.
Making a difference to the lives of young people.
By giving a young person an opportunity to learn and be mentored by your organisation, you are making a positive contribution to the community.

Free promotion.
The host-organisation will be given significant exposure to the Hellenic business community via the following promotion:

  • HACCI website.
  • Relevant print and radio media channels.
  • The HACCI Herald newsletter distributed to the HACCI membership base.
  • At the HACCI Gala Ball during the awards ceremony.
  • Intern testimonials appearing on brochures and the HACCI website.

If you are interested, please contact HACCI via email or phone +61 3 9602 2977. A member of the Internship Committee will contact you as soon as possible.