Our story

Welcome to the Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HACCI).

HACCI was formed in Victoria 1985 to promote and strengthen the economic and cultural ties between Australia and Greece.

HACCI has since hosted numerous functions, networking events, investment seminars, trade delegations, conferences and has actively connected the Hellenic Australian business and professional community both locally and internationally.

Since it’s inception, HACCI has broadened its scope beyond its traditional commercial mandate, introducing the HACCI Business Excellence Awards, which has become HACCI’s annual flagship event celebrating ‘the best & brightest’ of the Hellenic Australian community. The HACCI Excellence Awards celebrate excellence for lifetime achievement, business and professional excellence, young achievement, community service, sporting achievement, women of influence and.

In 2018 the HACCI Federation was established with a view to unite HACCI’s around Australia to collaborate and connect the Hellenic Australian professional and business community across the country. HACCI Northern Territory is the inaugural HACCI Federation member, officially launching in September 2019.

HACCI is a multifaceted organisation, offering a platform for its members to connect, interact and exchange knowledge & ideas.

By joining HACCI, you are joining a network of businesses and professionals connected by virtue of their integrity in the business and wider Hellenic Australian community and a desire to be part of a connected and united voice in advocating and supporting a collective vision for the future of the Hellenic business Diaspora.

Everyone is welcome.

Our vision

Our vision is to connect and inspire the Hellenic Australian business and professional community to lead, collaborate and excel.

Our mission

We connect with integrity and purpose in our pursuit of excellence.
We promote and support our members through networking, access to opportunity and business services.

Our values

Connection: we bring like-minded people together to share knowledge and experience.

Integrity: we are open and honest in everything we say and do

Leadership: we guide and facilitate our members to make a positive impact in their organisations.

Excellence: we help people and organisations excel and reach their true potential.